RGBW DC 12V-24V Pastāvīgu pressur mātesplati, 7x12W / 9x12w LED PAR mātesplati, 8CH profesionālās skatuves gaismas accessor

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RGBW DC 24V Konstanta spiediena mātesplati

Spriegums: DC12V-24V Kanāls: 8CH Veids:Pastāvīga spiediena Izmantot: rgbw Led par (7x12w / 6x12w .........)

  • Kanālu Skaits: 8CH
  • Veids: Pastāvīgi pressur
  • Stils: DMX Skatuves Gaismas
  • Vienuma Tips: Skatuves Apgaismojuma Efekts
  • Godu: Profesionālās Posmā & DJ
  • Modeļa Numurs: PY-RGBW
  • Ieejas Spriegums:
  • Zīmola Nosaukums: PQIVCG


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The order was made on October 28, received on November 10 in Kirov (Vyatka). Delivery "DPD"/point of issue. Delivery is not satisfied, the box came crumpled, but, visually, there is no damage to the contents. I'll check the connection, I'll add a review.
The order was made on September 24, received on October 14 in Kirov (Vyatka). Delivery "DPD", only it is not clear why the seller used the point of issue "halva". I had to go to the center of the city from the outskirts, although the point of issue "DPD" is near me. The goods are checked by connection, in sewn modes. Works. I did not connect to DMX. As there will be time, I will definitely try the DMX department and add a review.